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Below you'll find just about everything you need to know about shooting with us. But we always like to make sure we're on the same page before you come in for your shoot, so plan on either coming into the studio or setting up a phone call for a consultation (either before or after you book a shoot with us) beforehand and we can go over everything in more detail, answer any questions or concerns you may have and just get to know each other a little before we start snapping picture together.




Our rate is $35o. (only $3oo if you're a returning client!)

What that includes:

That's for a shoot that usually lasts about two to two and a half hours, with 3-4 ‘looks’ or outfit and nets between 2oo and 25o shots. These numbers are loose by design. Rather than trying to reach a certain number of images, or limiting you to certain number of looks; we’re only concerned with getting you so many awesome shots that your job of choosing just one will be an extremely difficult one. Whether that takes two hours or two days doesn't matter to us. But it won't take two days. We promise.


This also includes almost* ALL of your session images on a CD (or you can bring a thumb drive), adjusted (for brightness and color), and more importantly; high resoultion - ready to take to the printers! Your CD will have two folders. One folder will have all the images from the session and the second folder will contain our FAVORITES, so you have a place to start when looking at so many pictures of your gorgeous-self :)

*we'll edit out the unusable, talky, blinky, blurry shots unless you really want them.




Please be aware that we always and only work with our stylists. It's really the only way we can be sure that the pictures we take with you will be of the quality and caliber that we're both expecting. There's a reason why every professional shoot and film set has a stylist/makeup artist present for both men and women. It's to ensure that you are going to look your absolute best 'on-camera'. Our shoots are no different. Our stylist will take care of making your skin and makeup look great on camera and will also work with your hair (if necessary) so it looks just the way you like it to from there. Remember that you want your headshot to look like you when you walk into an audition, so no-fancy hair-do that you won't want to duplicate for every audition you go on.


Plan on arriving with a clean, moisturized face; no makeup. Your stylist will talk with you about how you normally wear make-up (ladies) and get you ready for the shoot with that in mind. We'll also be taking test shots and looking at them together on the desktop to make sure we all feel good about the hair and makeup before we start shooting.


You don't need to do anything; we'll schedule one of the makeup/hair stylists we work with on a regular basis for your shoot.

Because your stylist is a separate service from your shoot, you'll pay them separately. Our stylists charge $125 for women and $1oo for men & kids (14 years and younger).

Our stylists prefer cash, so just remember to plan ahead before you arrive for your shoot.

Regarding your stylist, gratuity is completely up to you!




The most important thing to keep in mind when considering what clothes to bring to your session is how they make you FEEL. You'll want to bring comfortable clothes and what you wear when you feel you look your best; clothes that are YOU.


Also if there's a certain type of shot; i.e. a business look, character look, etc. you want, you'll want to bring those clothes as well. If you have an agent, it might be a good idea to check with them about clothes or looks they want (or don't want!). We can talk more about clothes at your initial consultation, but keep in mind that while it's not an absolute rule, we generally stay away from white, black and extremely vivid or bright colors, stripes, logos and patterns. All of these can distract viewers of your headshots from what we want them to be focused on; YOU!


Plan on bringing as many things as you can carry and we'll work with you to pick the ones that work best. Since layering often works well, bring shirts, sweaters, hoodies, jackets, dress shirts, t-shirts, tanks, etc. The more options we have, the better.



Our goal is to have your images looking as good as possible right out of the camera; that's why we take the time to make sure that you makeup, hair and clothes are working on camera by taking test shots and trying to keep everything looking great all the way through your shoot. But you may still decide that you want some retouching done in the few pictures you end up using as your final shots. Whether it's a blemish, stain on your shirt or fly-away hairs or if you choose to do something more cosmetic like tooth-whitening, wrinkle-softening or something else; there are a couple ways people we shoot with can get their final shots adjusted. First, your printing lab should include that service in the cost of getting your images printed along with adding the border and your name. If they don't, the lab we recommend does, so just ask us. Second, if you prefer to have us do the retouching, just let us know what you're looking to have done and we're happy to adjust two or three shots for you at no additional charge. If you need more than two or three adjusted, let us know. We can still do it, there may just be a charge for the extra work.




We will need a $15o non-refundable deposit to hold your appointment date and time when you book with us. Your balance of $2oo will be due on the day of your shoot. We accept cash, personal check, visa, mastercard, discover, and even diner's club (does anyone still have that?)

If you need to cancel for any reason, notify us ASAP and we will reschedule your shoot to a date and time that works best in both of our schedules. Your deposit will go toward your new shoot date but please note that for cancellations with less than 24 hour notice, we reserve the right to keep half of the deposit for loss of studio time and stylist compensation.

Also be aware that because we use only natural daylight for our shoots, there may be days when we just can't shoot and get the quality of shots we're after. Please understand that until we can control the weather, we can't offer refunds for reshoots due to the lack of light. When we can control the weather, we'll talk.

If the weather isn't cooperating, we will contact you the morning of your shoot and get you rescheduled ASAP.





Our studio is located in the West Town neighborhood of Chicago at 724 West Hubbard.

We are one block south of the 6-corners of Grand, Milwaukee, and Halsted and super-easy to get to from 90/94, downtown and we're one block south of the Grand Ave. BLUE LINE stop. There is usually plenty of metered street parking available right in front of the studio.