The most important thing to keep in mind when considering what clothes to bring to your session is how they make you FEEL. You'll want to bring comfortable clothes and what you wear when you feel you look your best; clothes that are YOU.


Also if there's a certain type of shot; i.e. a business look, character look, etc. you want, you'll want to bring those clothes as well. If you have an agent, it might be a good idea to check with them about clothes or looks they want (or don't want!). We can talk more about clothes at your initial consultation, but keep in mind that while it's not an absolute rule, we generally stay away from white, black, red and extremely vivid or bright colors, stripes, logos and patterns. All of these can distract viewers of your headshots from what we want them to be focused on; YOU!


Plan on bringing as many things as you can carry and we'll come up with a game plan with you and pick the ones that work best. For most people, we won't be seeing much, if any of the lower half of their body so mostly bring shirts, sweaters, hoodies, jackets, dress shirts, t-shirts, tanks, etc. The more options we have, the better!




Plan on arriving with a clean, moisturized face; no makeup. Your stylist will talk with you about how you normally wear make-up (ladies) and get you ready for the shoot with that in mind. We'll also be taking test shots and looking at them together on our computer to make sure we all feel great about the hair and makeup before we start shooting.