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Chris Popio and Heather Stumpf decided to join forces in the fight against unremarkable, over-priced, and over-posed looking headshots when they realized they had compelling wonder twin powers. By combining Chris’ over 2o years (and counting) of experience as an actor in Chicago with Heather’s eye for the human form and composition, together they developed an aesthetic which emphasizes naturalism while capturing moments that convey the depth of a person’s character and personality.

They have been fighting the good fight ever since.


Heather Stumpf is a Chicago native who graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1997. Since then she has been working in Chicago as a photographer (Vavoom Pinups, Olive & Honey) and artist (and most recently a new mom!).


Chris Popio has been (and continues to be) a working actor in and around Chicago. A veteran of numerous stage productions and national commercials as well as television and film roles; Chris brings not only his understanding of the way actors work and think, but also of the way the business works and how to merge the two for you. He also likes cats and marzipan. A lot. Probably too much.


Photos by: a random photobooth