On the next few tabs you'll find just about everything you need to know about shooting with us. But we always like to make sure we're on the same page before you come in for your shoot, so plan on either coming into the studio or setting up a phone call for a consultation beforehand and we can go over everything in more detail, answer any questions or concerns you may have and just get to know each other a little before we start snapping pictures together.



Our rate for headshots is $350. (only $300 if you're a returning client!) Our rate for comp card shoots is $450.


What this includes:


That's for a shoot that usually lasts about two to two and a half hours, with 3-4 ‘looks’ or outfit and nets between 300 and 350 shots. These numbers are loose by design. Rather than trying to reach a certain number of images, or limiting you to certain number of looks we’re only concerned with getting you so many awesome shots that your job of choosing just one will be an extremely difficult one. Whether that takes two hours or two days doesn't matter to us. But it won't take two days. We promise.


This also includes almost ALL* of your session images for you to access and download from a private, on-line proofing folder (we can also burn them onto a CD or a thumb drive just ask). All of the images will be adjusted (for brightness and color), and more importantly; high resolution jpegs - ready to take to the printers! We'll provide you with two folders. One folder will have all the images from the session and the second folder will contain our FAVORITES, so you have a place to start when looking at so many pictures of your gorgeous self. :)

*we'll edit out the unusable, talky, blinky, blurry shots unless you really want them.



Please be aware that we always and only work with our stylists. It's really the only way we can be sure that the pictures we take with you will be of the quality and caliber that we're both expecting. There's a reason why every professional shoot and film set has a stylist/makeup artist present for both men and women. It's to ensure that you are going to look your absolute best 'on-camera'. Our shoots are no different. Plus they stick around for the entire shoot to make sure  you look and feel great all the way through.


Our stylist will take care of making your skin and makeup look great on camera and will also work with your hair (if necessary) so it looks just the way you like it to from there. Remember that you want your headshot to look like you when you walk into an audition, so no-fancy hair-do that you won't want to duplicate for every audition you go on.


You don't need to do anything; we'll schedule one of the makeup/hair stylists we work with on a daily basis for your shoot.

Because your stylist is a separate service from your shoot, you'll pay them separately. Our stylists charge $125 for women and $1oo for men & kids (14 years and younger). Add $25 if you're doing a comp card shoot to compensate for the longer shooting time.

Our stylists prefer cash, so just remember to plan ahead before you arrive for your shoot.

Our stylists definitely appreciate when clients offer them a little something extra, but gratuity is completely up to you!