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" I had a great experience doing headshots with Chris and Heather. Relaxing, calm and casual, they take the time needed to get the job done - however long that may be. It's a pleasure to see them work together - constantly checking each others' framing, background choices etc. - you're getting two pairs of eyes that are well trained and actively monitoring the shoot. The studio is comfortable as well. Definitely a great option in the Chicago headshot market. " - J.E.

"The price is right - the photos are excellent, and they are mine! An actor's headshot sitting is probably the most important audition an actor will do - Chris and Heather make it an absolute joy rather than a pressured chore. The work speaks for itself - my agent could barely bring herself to narrow down the choices to two. Perhaps greatest of all, I have access to use all of the fabulous headshots from my sitting so I can tailor my submission to the job I'm going for, and it didn't take everything I made on my last job to do it. Actors: After nine headshot sittings in my career, with some of the top rated photographers in Los Angeles I can honestly say this was my best experience, and the product is top notch. If you don't choose Popio Stumpf for your headshots, you are not getting the best available." - Brian R.

" To start off, I want to say that Popio Stumpf Photography was suggested and recommended from a major agency for me to go to get photographs taken--and so upon some slight research, there I went. I went to get photographs taken with Popio Stumpf Photography a couple of weeks ago. Chris and Heather, founders of the studio, both collaborated in taking the photographs. The most incredible part of the photoshoot, without even having to mention the technical equipment and skills the both of them possess, was the ability for them to create an atmosphere that was so free, allowing me as the subject to laugh and smile very naturally... nothing was forced throughout any part of the photoshoot. Thank you both, and I hope to see you in the future. " ~Brian D.

" I've had a lot of headshots taken in Chicago, and these guys really know what they're doing. Creative and knowledgeable They're great! " ~ Brad L.

"Speaking as a former casting director who has seen thousands of headshots: Heather and Chris are the best headshot photographers in Chicago. Their use of natural light, of color, of composition - all spot on and beautiful, beautiful even just as photographs, and more importantly eye-catching and compelling as headshots. They have mastered the art of bouncing light into the subjects eyes to make them the all-too-necessary focal point. And they do what no one seems to, which is capture the actor's essence, some real personality that makes you want to meet this person, see them work. And they know how to capture a person's multiple aspects so you can really get a solid contrast between your different "looks". Plus it doesn't hurt that they are warm, lovely people who give off nothing but good vibes, putting you instantly at ease, and making you glad to spend your time with them. For such a fair market value (hell, even for more) you can't ask for more. One would be a fool to go to anyone else. A darn fool." ~Braden L.

" It was a pleasure to work with Heather & Chris. I couldn't have been happier with the way the photo shoot went - we weren't rushed & alot of time was spent on making sure I was happy with how things were going. After I got my proofs, I had a very difficult time picking which headshots to use - always a nice "problem" to have! Thank you Heather & Chris! " ~Allyson V. "Heather and Chris do a terrific job. From booking to choosing wardrobe, to the final shot, they're pros. I'd never hesitate to recommend them to anyone, especially if you need head shots and don't want to spend a ton of moola!" ~C.A."Chris and Heather are the best! Best deal in town for headshots. Good quality, nice people to work with, and a fantastic value. And the agents love the shots." ~P.T.

"I would highly recommend Popio Stumpf to anyone looking for headshots. Not only did they take a ton of fantastic shots - so many that it's been hard for me to choose one - but they created a warm, comfortable environment. On our first meeting, they gave great advice regarding what to wear and how to prepare for my shoot. Chris is an actor and was able to really connect with me during he shoot so that I could relax and be myself. They have an iPod full of whatever music you can possibly imagine. Their studio is lovely and warm. They use natural light and locations with great character, creating really beautiful photos. Chris and Heather are such down-to-earth, kind, fun people, that by the end of the shoot, I felt like I had made new friends. I highly recommend Popio Stumpf. __Oh, and I'm dying to go back to Heather to take some pin-up photos. Her other biz is Vavoom Pinups and they look beautiful." – Kathryn T.

"Chris and Heather are fantastic! Having gone through two previous shoots with other photographers that were quite dissatisfying, I was nervous to go through the process again. But, they put me right at ease and made me feel completely comfortable. We were able to look at the images on the computer throughout the shoot to make sure we were getting the looks we wanted. They were absolutely committed to producing the best shots possible and to making sure that I left happy. And I definitely did! Not only are Chris and Heather great photographers, but they are also wonderful people who have a genuine interest in helping you further your career. I will certainly be going back to Popio Stumpf in the future!" – Bethany H."Chris and Heather were amazing. It is such a comfortable environment and the two of them make a wonderful pair. They bring out the best in you and so your photos turn out terrific. They are good people and if you go to them you'll have a great product. I love these guys as well." ~Todd G.